So, you want more?


Sometimes a party needs a little something extra or you're looking to take things really to another level with your function. That's cool. I get it and totally agree. Here are some of my close friends who are not only brilliant at their craft but I know would never let you (or me) down.

After 10 years of working in the industry these are the best in the biz.



I have so many options for DJs it's impossible to list them all. However, if Im not available for a function or you're looking for someone different (I won't be offended!!!) I have several options for you. Whether it's someone who can play a mix of any type of music or it's someone who specialises in a particular genre, I know the best of the best around Australia. Hit me up for more info!

Line Up of DJs for a Wedding, Corporate or Private events.

This is traditionally how clubs work their nightly rosters. A DJ will play for 1-2 hours at the end of their set and new DJ will start (and so on until the night ends). Why this works is because the energy of your party keeps at the highest level all night because each new DJ will bring fresh ideas and a new perspective which keeps the party flowing. You can also utilise the talents of the DJs to your advantage as well. For instance, if you want RnB to start the night we'll give you someone who specialises in that genre. Then later on as the night progresses you can choose a DJ who specialises in something else or someone who is just an all rounder.  If you were wanting to get that traditional club or festival feel this is it. This also works well if you add a singer, sax, or percussion to the mix.

Singers + Rappers



Hayley and I are up to roughly our one millionth gig together. You may sense an air of facetiousness but quite frankly I see this chick week in and out.

She easily has the biggest song repertoire of any singer that I've ever worked with. Maybe all the days of learning 10 + songs a week for Dancing with the Stars have now made her a machine when it comes to cover songs. She was only a teenager when she was catapulted into the spotlight via a little show called 'X Factor' and her talent has become stronger every year since. Technically, she has an extensive vocal range and proper belting power. There's a reason she's making waves all around Austalia and Internationally.

Televised: X Factor Top 10 Finalist 2008, Dancing With The Stars Back Up Singer

Chloe Maggs Pic.jpeg


Chloe has been at the top of the corporate singing scene for nearly 10 years. Renowned for her high glamour appeal and strong vocals, she has been flown around the world countless times for her performances. Chloe and I together have been performing now for 9 years. My chic loves to sing House and Top 40 classics. For the past few years she's been working with international major labels and things are now starting to take her to the next level. Book her now while you have the chance!!

Matty Charles.jpg

Matty Charles

Matty Charles is easily one of my favourites to work with. As a DJ I am a fast paced, quick mixer who likes to keep dance floors high energy. Matty is the same. Hyping up the crowd, rapping to the classics and he just takes the party to the next level. Also, he has now just started performing with his girl KK who is an amazing female rapper herself and together they're dynamic. These guys just always bring their A Game.

Empire Live.jpg

Empire Live

I've been playing alongside the legends that are Katherine and Nic for years now. Nearly 10 in fact. No one brings an energy to a dance floor like these two. They leave nothing behind. Playing all the house and remixed party classics that you love, they are sure to bring a vibe to your party. Katherine's vocals have world wide acclaim. Fast paced, high energy, loads of fun. If you don't like banging house don't book these guys. If you're in the best hands.

acoustic pic.jpg

Acoustic Acts

If you were wanting to break up the night with different acts a great option is to get an acoustic duo or trio on to start before the DJ. Depending on what the style of your function is we can customise a line up of entertainment that suits the night. For example; at a wedding a jazz trio for background and then a DJ for the dance floor works well. For a corporate; a soul, funk band could start the night with a great vibe and then a DJ can take it away for the rest. There is so many possibilities to work with here to make the night best suited to your style.

band v dj.jpg

Band Vs DJ

This is a very cool option if you're wanting a band but also think your guests will resonate with a DJ. How this works is a band of your choice (we have several options) will play a 45min set covering the classics and then the DJ will come on for 30/45mins and play. Usually the DJ will play more contemporary Top 40/House/RnB hits while the band will play the more classic party anthems. This is one of the best options for parties as it keeps everyone happy. Young and Old, DJ lovers or live band lovers. It's a win-win!

Other artists



I could list all the guys and girls who play alongside me but to be honest I'd be here for weeks. Having a sax player alongside a DJ is so in trend right now and there's a good reason for that. The sound is quite versatile. It can either make a canape or cocktail hour sound effortlessly sophicated or it can bring a real Ibiza or Mykonos feel to a dance floor. Who you choose is a totally personal preference in which I can help you decide.

Percussion Pic.JPG


Love me some percussion!!! Suitable I believe for only a dance floor. Percussion can add a latin flavour to a regular dance set. It also adds a live energy which can bring the stage to life. Depending on the artist too it can be quite interactive with shakers and maracas for the guests to use.

Sally Cooper.jpg

Sally Cooper

My love for this little pocket rocket is endless. Such big talent, professionalism, kindness and integrity built into a Minogue size frame. She has featured on major tv shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Hey Hey!, and X Factor. Sally is best for a stop and watch (and believe me they will!) or in a dance floor set (featured) with myself and the singer of your choice.

Master of Ceremonies.jpeg

Professional MCs (Master of Ceremonies)

If you're hosting an event or you have an upcoming wedding and you're stuck for someone to take charge and run your night I have some great options for you. A professional MC really steps your function up a notch and keeps it smooth running and care free for you to just relax and enjoy your night. Most MCs will meet with you to discuss the details for your night and make sure you're on the same level. 



Whether it's a full stage themed production piece or just some Go-Go dances on a podium alongside myself, dancers can add a extra flavour to the night. 'Stop and Watch' choreographed pieces tend to be popular for corporates and can be customised around the theme of your event. Podium dancers or flash mob dancers lend themselves for more private functions - podium dancers especially for 60s or 70s themed events!!