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Oh hey there! I'm Claire, a Melbourne based DJ. In the past decade I’ve travelled both nationally and internationally honing my craft and I’d love to share my life long passion of music on your dance floor!

Before we really break down what I'm all about here's some key notes about me.

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DJ for 10+ years.
Yep, started at 18 in my local nightclub in Tasmania.

Played at thousands of gigs nationally and internationally.
US, UK, Fiji, Singapore and most regional and major cities around Australia.

I come from a musical family.
I've always lived and breathed my industry following in the footsteps of my family members.

Corporates, Weddings, Bars and Clubs is what I do.
I started in clubs, then went into weddings (I played roughly 400-500 in the space of 5 years so I'm somewhat of an expert!) and now I predominately do corporate events. I do love all types of gigs and am open to anything! 

I love every genre of music.
However, that doesn't mean I'll play them all at your function! After all it is your event and I play what YOU love!

Played on TV, stage and stadiums.
I'm not shy!!!

Written articles on music for major print magazines.
Articles on what music to suit your themed event. I've also written DJ School Curriculums.

I'm outgoing, fun, kind and professional.

And, would love to join you at your function!

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Claire + Friends

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Reach out,

hit me up!